In a word - Innovation

Short Version: "In the past 15 years almost every worthwhile new idea in so-called party-line headset intercom systems started right here."

Long Version: Production Intercom concentrates there new product development efforts on  practical solutions to the real problems which our dealers and end-users pass along to us.

Typical of this approach is our HALF DUPLEX wireless solution which provides an interface between ordinary walkie-talkies and the intercom system.  The wireless remotes consist of standard portable transceivers (wilkie-talkies) but the half-duplex system allows the users to constantly monitor the chatter on the channel, including what’s coming from the cabled stations.  The wireless remote stations do have to press their talk button to respond. But that’s not much of a disadvantage when you consider that Stage Managers, Lighting Directors etc. are always telling the crew to turn off the mics on their beltpacks anyway. And the savings that come from that small inconvenience are enormous. Not only is the start up cost lower, the range and battery life greater, but you can add unlimited numbers of extra remote stations at a fraction of the cost of extra wireless beltpacks.  The system consists of a specially modified ICOM repeater, our new HD903 interface and everything else you will need:

Another example is the Blazon group of products, a bright strobe light with or without an audible enunciator which is connected to the system like a belt pack, requires no outside power source, and is activated by any signal lamp button in the circuit.

More ‘solutions’ are always in the works, and we continue to solicit your suggestions.

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