The latest update was on November 24

  • Changed shock wave flash buttons for 4 pages
  • re-nested linecard buttons
  • looking into creating new flash animation
  • combing PDF for rental price list


July 28

  • Finished reformatting the sitemap.Using a colored graph scheme, darker>lighter..
  • Added Text to the A/V design section
  • Tweaked out main graphic on index page some more. added "tri-star" to mark Georgia on map.

July 21-25

  • Fairly big redesign coming down the pike. We have plans to reformat the index home pages, also...
  • Reformating the Site Map and Rental section to make more "Graphic". I have an initial draft. Still working on this.
  • edited the index page main graphic
  • Created an Avolution page.
  • Rearrainged some of the navigation buttons.


July 01, 2003

  • Installed On Hold page
  • Rearranged Righ column on bottom of index page
  • Extended Technologies on to top of Right column
  • Added choices under Presentation Systems
  • Added "Sales" and "Rentals" under Equipment
  • Add pages for another layer below master categories
  • updated buttons


June 4, 2003

  • Created and formated rental price list and terms and conditions files and linked as javascript pop


June 3, 2003

  • Edited "white boxes" on home page
  • Used new stars on top banner- should affect all pages
  • new star on contact page
  • updated links page
  • edited Glossary



May12, 2003.

  • Edited home page
  • edited masthead banner
  • edited subpage template, hopefully debugged for wyswyg - should fix a number of problems
  • adusted contact us
  • aligned library buttons along side, added descriptions
  • refined About Showorks, Inc. presentation
  • refined layout for personnel page
  • adjusted request info page
  • added button links on products page with text description


This Website was created by Blair Lott mainly using Dreamweaver 4.0, flash, fireworks, photoshop, and illustrator, plus a little bit of hand coding. Any ideas or suggestions are always appreciated.

Rex Garrett is the webmaster.