Question Wizard Audience Response System

What is Question Wizard?

Question Wizard is a simple to use, interactive system designed to elevate your PowerPoint presentations to new levels of productivity.

With Question Wizard, each participant operates a keypad which communicates with the presenter’s computer. Special Question Wizard “objects” are inserted directly into a Power Point presentation the same way pictures or graphics are placed. Whenever a Question Wizard object is detected during a presentation, the appropriate activity is initiated automatically. Participants input answers, Question Wizard instantly polls the keypads, tabulates the composite response and displays them on the screen.

No longer does interaction mean one person answering at a time. With Question Wizard everyone in the classroom participates, and because participants do not have to vocalize their answers, it creates a more comfortable environment for those who might shy away from speaking before a group. In addition, Question Wizard instantly projects group responses on the screen, providing immediate feedback to both the instructor and the audience. The real value is in the increased learning that takes place. In several studies of the effects of keypads on an audience or classroom it is noted that the use of keypads caused a rise in attention level of as much as 50%. The ability to respond to every question and receive immediate feedback holds student interest and makes learning sessions more enjoyable.

What Are The Key Features?

Manage: Productivity will improve. Communicate 20% more information in 20% less time.

Track: Participant's responses and overall progress are recorded in a database.

Score: Create and administer interactive tests and

Report: Tailored reports are available at the end of each session in Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats. These can be imported into any com- mercial database for post show analysis.

Communicate: Question Wizard incorporates all of these
features in a completly OLE compliant software package that produces high quality on-screen graphics and customizable reports.

What Are The Benefits?

Question Wizard empowers audiences and students by providing a more democratic and equitable platform for participating. Everyone in the audience is given an equal chance to input and influence results. More honest and credible feedback is obtained because keypad inputs are impacted less by group dynamics.

When used in training, students are held more accountable for their classroom activities. There is no opportunity to "hide" in an interactive classroom. Instructors are kept informed on the level of agreement or understanding throughout the learning process in real-time.

Is Audience Response For You?

Would you benefit from instant feedback during your presentation? Would you like to have your training program become more productive and accountable? Are you looking for a better way to reach a consensus at meetings or focus groups and "cut to the chase?" Would you like to be more of a facilitator and less of a lecturer? If your answer is "yes" to any of these
questions, Question Wizard is your solution! Make your next meeting special; call SHOWORKS for a rental or purchase quotation.  Call SHOWORKS today for more information or use our online request form.