SHOWORKS offers a totally customizable On Hold Message service. 


Overview of On Hold Message Service

  • The style of presentation (aggressive or low-keyed) can be tailored to the demographics each system requires. 

  • SHOWORKS providers appropriate, royalty paid music for each message.  We can also use pre-produced music supplied by the Client when requested.

  •  On Hold programs will be downloaded remotely from our studios to a Digital Playback Unit (DPU) provided by SHOWORKS to each location.

  • A dedicated phone line or extension # is necessary for remote download.

  • Setup fee includes life-of-contract lease and maintenance of Digital On-Hold Players (DPU).

  • Up to three “emergency” programs per site will be provided at no extra charge within each 12- month period.

  • Permits unscheduled changes due to institution or cancellation of promotions.  

  • A choice of one, two, three or four programs a month. 

  • These are not “peeloff” programs; these are complete four + minute programs.

  • Voice and background music are matched to each particular message, creating a varied and entertaining, as well as informative On Hold programming. 

  • Bilingual (Spanish or French) service is also available to those systems that require it (see Pricing Chart below)

  • We can also create copy for Customer Service-oriented messages as well as for special promotions and/or offers from customer summited ideas.



    1.  Deliver Better Customer Service

    • 85% of callers prefer to hear information about products and services of the company they are calling as opposed to other options (Sales and Marketing Magazine)
    • The average American business executive spends about 9 days on-hold a year (CNN)

    2.   Reduce Call Abandonment

    • An Information On-Hold system reduces call abandonment by almost 79% (Plain Dealer Magazine)
    • Callers will stay on hold 130 % longer with information on-hold (Connections)

    3.  Increase Sales

    • 16-20% of callers make a purchase based on an offer they hear in an on-hold advertisement or promo (Telemarketing Magazine) 



    1.  Experience

    • 13 years of experience in On-Hold messaging 
    • 18 years experience in Audio-Visual industry


    2.  The SHOWORKS Difference

    • A creative and fresh combination of music and voice to create a unique sound tailored to your brand and image
    • Customized Hardware and Software Solution to match Client requirements  
    • Direct Download to Password-protected equipment installed at Client Call Centers
    • Messages can be tailored to suit regional demographics across the nation 
    •  Password-protected Automated On-Line Reports for National Accounts
    • Automated On-Line Customized Script Generation for National Accounts


Play Sample Audio Files


Major League Baseball
Digital Video Recorder


Quarterly MOH

Howard Stern
Digital Phone

Denon - Marantz

World Wrestling Entertainment
See The Difference



National Account status and benefits are offered to Clients who order service for multiple (10 or more) locations.  In order to achieve and maintain National Account status, the Client is required to remit a monthly fee, which ensures that the Corporate Account remains in good standing, and which offers the Client an expanded level of service and control.


SHOWORKS offers National Account Clients a monthly On-line Corporate Marketing Questionnaire, which will allow the Corporate Marketing or Customer Service Contact to request Global Marketing Promotions/Events/Customer Service Policies.  Then, when the Local or Regional Contacts log into the system to make their requests, they will see what Corporate is marketing on a Global basis.  Local Contacts would be unable to make changes to these messages.


SHOWORKS will also offer Monthly Service Reports, with All Regional/Local Scripts available to Corporate Marketing for review and for purposes of record keeping.  These Reports will include a Special Services Section which will show extra-ordinary activity such as Emergency Requests, Late Fees, replacement of Damaged or Defective Hardware, etc.



  • Standardizes On Hold Messages and IVR Voice Files on a corporate-wide basis

  • Sends a clear unified message and image to callers across the nation

  • One On Hold vendor to deal with instead of many New format, new sound, with as much customization as requested

  • Automated On-Line Script approval and Reporting


Maintenance Fee *

$10 per site per month not to exceed $5000.00 per year