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Mackie manufactures Sound Reinforcement Consoles, Compact Mixers, Studio Consoles, Amplifiers and Monitors, and their new Digital 8 Bus Console.

Nine years ago Mackie Designs was three folks in a condo with a dream and a can of beans. From these humble beginnings, this is their story. An uplifting saga so inspiring you'll have to pull your socks up after reading it.

[ Product Information ] More product information, specifications, and product close-ups than nature intended one web site to have.
[ Mackie Product Technology ] The unique Mackie technology and features that put our products ahead of the pack. Face the blackboard please and no chewing gum in class.

[ Mix Amp Headroom ]
[ VLZ ]
[ Console-Quality Preamps ]
[ Practical EQ ]
[ Durable Log-Taper Faders ]
[ Built-in Power Supplies ]
[ Impact Resistance ]
[ Mute/Alt 3-4 ]
[ Control Room/Phones ]
[ Balanced Inputs & Outputs ]
[ Easy, Accurte Level Setting ]
[ Low Cut Filter ]

When you think about it, it's the stuff underneath the cover -- behind the knobs and faders -- that makes or breaks a mixer.  Mackie built its reputation by making affordable mixers loaded with highly useful features.

But those features wouldn't mean diddley if they weren't built on solid technology.  And that's why they assembled a bunch of text chunks that describe what goes into every Mackie mixer.

We hope you will read through the various chunks before you make a buying decision.  Then buy a Mackie mixer so their Corporate Chihuahua can finance the creation of an original screenplay based on her exciting life.  Coming soon to a theater near you.


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