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What does AVolution mean?
AVolution™ is the name of a $1.2 million awareness campaign to promote the talents and services of the audiovisual (AV) communications industry. The AVolution name combines “AV” and “evolution” to define an industry that has evolved dramatically. As AV technology has evolved, so have the complexities of designing and integrating AV systems used in the boardroom or the classroom, at a staged event or most public venues. The tagline provides further definition, “When sight and sound power ideas and information, that’s AVolution.”


What is the AV communications industry?
The AV communications industry has evolved and grown up right alongside information technology and communications. It's comprised of the technologies, products and systems for everything from audio production to visual display and audio presentation systems to remote video and web conferencing. It also includes the interfacing and signal distribution, lighting, control systems and interactive display - as well as the furniture, cabling, connectors and racks to tie everything into a state-of-the-art AV system.


How big is the AV industry?
The AV communications industry is a world-wide, multi-billion dollar market because there are so many applications of its technology in so many vertical markets. The AVolution campaign is targeting 15 vertical markets with testimonial ads highlighting AV solutions in advertising, broadcasting, business/IT, government, education, entertainment, healthcare, legal, meetings, museums, retail, theme parks/sports arenas, training, transportation and worship.


How do some of these vertical markets use AV?
The applications are virtually endless. In healthcare, AV systems enable doctors to diagnose and treat illnesses remotely and sooner. In corporate boardrooms, videoconferencing allows companies to hold all staff meetings with their global workforce. At concerts, in shopping malls, building lobbies and airports, digital display technology can be used to communicate advertising and timely information. In places of worship, AV systems can facilitate better sound and reach congregants who may not be seated in view of the celebrant.


Why is the industry investing in AVolution?
ICIA is active in 60 countries, and new and exciting applications of AV are evident everywhere. Although the AV industry is ubiquitous, it's often misunderstood and taken for granted. Through AVolution, the AV industry can open customers' eyes and ears to the importance and necessity of AV technology to modern communications and gain recognition for the professionals who design and integrate permanent installations as well as event systems that support meetings and conferences.


Who works in the AV industry?
There are different types of companies and resources that make up the professional AV industry. The International Communications Industries Association (www.infocomm.org) is a member association that represents all types of pro-AV companies, including: AV manufacturers who make the AV equipment, AV dealers who offer AV equipment for purchase; Systems Integrators who simplify the use of many different AV components into one, simple user interface controller whether it's a remote control or touch panel; Rental & Staging Companies who provide hands-on technical service, support and equipment for AV equipment used at events ranging from corporate meetings to staged concerts; Independent Design Consultants who identify the client needs and determine best options for the design of an AV system; and Presentations Professionals who produce effective, creative presentations that make the best use of the AV equipment.


Who can participate in AVolution?
The AVolution campaign is open to the principals of all AV solutions providers whether or not they are a member of ICIA. ICIA is spearheading the campaign but recognizes the impact of having the broadest participation by AV professionals. AVolution partipants must adhere to 10 Standards of Excellence and be in a position to influence their employees to learn about the AVolution and actively participate in the industry campaign.


Where can I learn more about the AVolution?
The best way is to visit www.avolution.info, the destination site for facts and information on the campaign. Or you can contact ICIA at 800-659-7469 or 703-273-7200.