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Showorks, Inc. Joins Multi-Year Awareness Campaign for Audiovisual Industry

Showorks, Inc. Brings Sights and Sound to Classrooms and Boardrooms, Meetings and Events

[ATLANTA, GEORGIA, July 21, 2003] - Showorks, Inc. today announced its participation in a three-year, $1.2 million industry awareness campaign designed to promote the contributions of audiovisual (AV) solutions providers who bring sights and sounds to millions of people around the world through sound systems, digital signage, video and web conferencing, staged events and interactive exhibits, among many other AV applications.

The Campaign, branded "AVolution," showcases the AV industry as "evolved" and integral to the success of any sophisticated communications project. The campaign is produced by the International Communications Industries Association, Inc. ® (ICIA®) through its foundation and is open to all commercial AV companies who sign an agreement to honor 10 Standards of Excellence.

'The AV communications industry is a world-wide, multi-billion dollar market because there are so many applications of its technology in so many vertical markets," said Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., ICIA's executive director. "This campaign informs these vertical markets about the products, services and value of the AV industry and directs them to communications solutions they need to be successful."

"Exciting AV applications are everywhere, and yet they're taken for granted," added Rex Garret, Showorks, Inc. "We want to support the campaign by creating a greater awareness of the role of AV professionals who design and integrate permanent installations as well as event systems that support meetings and conferences."

The audiovisual industry is vibrant and growing. According to new studies from ICIA and ICIF, North American professional AV companies are optimistic about the future with three-quarters forecasting higher revenue in 2003 than in 2002, and most expecting revenue and and profit increases over the next three years. In a dealer compensation survey, 38.5 percent of the respondents indicated that they expect an increase in the number of staff in 2003, compared to only 18.8 percent in 2002, while staff turnover rates are down significantly, dropping to four percent in 2002 from 10 percent in 2001.

The representatives of ICIA and ICIF will reach out to their peers in the industry and pursue a number of strategies to highlight the creative uses of AV technology in more than 15 vertical markets, including business, meetings and events, government, education, sales and marketing, worship and healthcare. Companies that join the campaign will provide the testimonials and case studies to support advertising and public relations collateral materials.

As an AVolved member company, Showorks, Inc. agrees with 10 Standards of Excellence establishing best practices for AV businesses. The Standards of Excellence are a guidepost for AV companies and professionals who place the customer first and offer quality AV solutions. They include the commitment to provide complete customer satisfaction with AV solutions that provide value to the client. They convey the importance that AV solutions providers Place on their own skills development through continuing education. They also cover the critical role that AV professionals play as partners with IT specialists, architects, building managers and others.

About AVolution sm

AVolutions sm is an industry awareness campaign to promote the talents and contributions of audiovisual (AV) experts who make the technology work behind every successful professional communication or presentation. AV professionals provide solutions that bring sight and sound to millions of people around the world. It's time to stand up and acknowledge our rightful place as the experts in communications technologies. Find out more about how you can be a part of this important campaign by visiting

The AVolution campaign is produced by the International Communications Industries Foundation (ICIF) with assistance from the International Communications Industries Association, Inc. (ICIA). The foundation raises grants and scholarship funds to develop the next generation of AV professionals, and promotes the industry with a market intelligence program and the AVolution campaign. More information about the association and the foundation is available at

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