A/V Design

As part of our Design Philosophy, SHOWORKS offers the following technical consulting services for professional audio and video facilities:
Step 1 - Needs Analysis
Needs Analysis is the in-depth examination of the client's audio and video needs and requirements as well as a utilization review and cataloging of any existing presentation technology. Consideration of specific client-use patterns prior to design greatly improves the functionality of the final audio and video designs.

Through a series of meetings between SHOWORKS and typical end users, system utilization information is collected and functional requirements are defined for the finished project.  After completing a survey of existing facilities infrastructure SHOWORKS will generate a report that includes functional system requirements, technical considerations and budget estimates to aid the client's in making final choices.

Working from this preliminary report, SHOWORKS prepares a feature vs. cost analysis to aid the client’s design team in coming to a consensus on the final selection of system requirements. SHOWORKS can aid design team members in there consideration of user requirements, long-range planning, flexibility, quality, price and other parameters that help determine the final selection of systems features.


Step 2- Preliminary Design
The preliminary design is the initial engineering design developed around the project's architectural elements and the audio and video system decisions reached during the Needs Analysis process. It involves close communication with all design team members to make sure that the design is meeting all team members’ requirements. At the completion of this Step, the client is provided with a preliminary list of recommended equipment, one-line drawings, conduit and electrical requirements and a budgeting proposal.

Step 3 - Final Design

During the final design step changes are made to the preliminary design which take into account such factors as interior and architectural design and budgetary considerations. Upon completion of these modifications, the final drawings, proposal and bill-of-materials are prepared.  These diagrams, drawings, and renderings are complete in the manner suitable to be incorporated into architectural plans and specifications.

Step 4 – Installation Supervision

In addition to complete turnkey installation services SHOWORKS can offer installation supervision to clients who would rather utilize there own in-house electricians and technicians.  SHOWORKS can provide all the equipment and supplies while working closely with you employees to insure that the installation proceeds smoothly and meets all local codes and professional standards,


Step 5 - Training, Warranty Service and Maintenance
SHOWORKS can provide training at the end of the project to make sure that the users have the knowledge and skills to effectively operate all control systems and components.  SHOWORKS prepares a custom training plan and provides instructors and all materials.


Most every thing we sell (except disposables like headphones, earphones, cables, tape and optical media), whether a standalone component or as part of a complete integrated system, comes with a limited (usually one year) warranty maintenance service agreement. To further support your communications environment you can also take advantage of a wide variety of service contracts, preventive maintenance agreements and extended warranties. These agreements provide ongoing protection at the same level of service and reliability after manufacturers' warranty periods have expired.


Maintenance agreements available include:

Extended Warranties

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Emergency Repairs and Service Agreements

Recommended Spares and Accessories Kits


SHOWORKS also offers continuous maintenance and operations under a program we call CAM (Complete Asset Management). Our CAM program provides SHOWORKS technicians to operate and maintain you system on a continuing basis. Our staff becomes your staff and visitors often cannot tell the difference.


Whenever you plans call for new or upgraded Audio/Visual systems let the SHOWORKS proven design philosophy provide you will all the benefits of a well designed system.




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